Pay your Rotary Membership Dues On-line!

You can pay your Membership dues on-line via PayPal. New members with less than 5 years of membership must include an extra $50 every 6 months towards their Paul Harris Fellowship. Our club is a 100% Paul Harris Fellowship Club and all members must contribute a total of $500 over five years towards their Paul Harris Fellowship. This balance is paid for $50 per 6 months. A Paul Harris Fellowship costs $1000, the club pays for half. of the $1000 amount required to become a Paul Harris Fellow.
You can also save processing fees if you have a PayPal account, by logging into PayPal and selecting the "Send Money" option on the website, then "Send to a friend", and sending directly from your checking account.

Member Dues - For Each 6 month Period
Newer members who have been in the club for less than 5 years who are still making payments towards their Paul Harris Fellowship Committment
Description One Payment Monthly

New Member Dues: $525
 Includes required $50 Paul Harris Contribution

New Member Dues + EREY: $575
 Includes Required $50 Paul Harris Contribution
 and $50 Every Rotarian Every Year Donation
Members for 5 years or more who have met their Paul Harris Committment
Description One Payment Monthly
Standard Member Dues $475
Standard Member Dues with Every Rotarian Every Year Contribution $525
Pay a specific amount
Make a payment to the Rotary Club of Naperville, this allows you to enter any amount. Please type in what the payment is for in the field to the right.
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